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Multi V III Heat Pump 208-230V

This new technology product line is LG’s premiere VRF system. The third generation of the popular Multi V VRF series, Multi V III features higher energy efficiency and longer piping capabilities. Multi V III has enhanced energy efficiency and is ARHI 1230 certified. Multi V III is designed to provide the owner the benefit of VRF - lower operational costs minimal or no duct work to install, tenant comfort with individual zoning, efficiency superior to other technologies while maintaining architectural integrity with zoned comfort.

Multi V III Heat Pump 208-230V

Power Supply: 208-230V / 60Hz / 3ø

Model No.: ARUN072BT3

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•    Available in 208-230V & 460V with sizes ranging from 6 - 36 tons
•    AHRI 1230 certification for Multi V III VRF
•    Enhanced energy efficiency
•    New LG inverter scroll high side shell design
•    Eliminates the need for a cooling tower or water maintenance
•    Compact size footprint where space is a premium
•    Longer piping distances
•    Dual compressors in larger models

Available models: ARUN072BT3, ARUN096BT3, ARUN121BT3, ARUN144BT3, ARUN168BT3, ARUN192BT3, ARUN216BT3, ARUN240BT3, ARUN264BT3, ARUN288BT3, ARUN312BT3, ARUN336BT3, ARUN360BT3, ARUN384BT3, ARUN408BT3, ARUN432BT3

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