Central Controllers
AC Smart IV

The LG innovative AC Smart IV central controller communicates with LG indoor units and controls third-party devices, offering advance features in addition to basic system control and monitoring. These features include web access, auto-changeover, error e-mail notification, visual floor plan navigation and interlocking. Ideal for office buildings, schools and other commercial applications, the controller outfitted with a clear, 10.2-inch LCD touch-screen display with user-controlled web access, making monitoring HVAC systems simple and convenient.

AC Smart IV

Model No.: PACS4B000

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Standard Features

  • 10.2 inch WSVGA TFT LCD Touch Screen
  • Indoor Unit Control/Monitoring by Groups/Indoor Units
  • Web Access with User Access Control
  • Operation and Error History Log
  • Forced Off Digital Input
  • One Digital Input and two Digital Outputs for Device Interlocking
  • Control of up to 128 indoor units or 130 I/O points 

Basic Unit Functions

  • Operation – On/Off
  • Mode – Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan Only
  • Setpoint
  • Fan Speed – Auto/Low/Med/High/Power
  • Louver Swing

Advanced Unit Functions

  • Two Setpoint Auto-changeover
  • Two Setpoint Setback
  • 200 Programmable Schedule Events with control of setpoint, On/Off, Mode, Fan Speed, controller Lock, and Louver Swing
  • Temperature Setpoint Range Limit
  • Remote Controller Lock (All, Setpoint, Mode, Fan Speed)
  • Run Time Limit (Unoccupied Override)
  • Software Device Interlocking
  • Manual Control and Scheduling of Digital Output Kit
  • Peak/Demand Control
  • Visual Floorplan Navigation
  • Error E-mail Notification
  • Power Distribution Indicator (PDI) (optional)
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