New 575 Family
Multi V IV Heat Pump 575V

Multi V IV Heat Pump 575V

Power Supply: 575V / 60Hz / 3ø

Model No.: ARUN072CTE4

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LG VRF Multi V IV 575V heat pumps are available in capacities ranging from 6 tons to 30 tons, and can be applied in many commercial applications. These heat pump systems can provide cooling or heating in multiple zones.

♦ Available in 575V (first in Canada!) with sizes ranging from 6 to 30 tons

♦ Cooling range: 14 to 122ºF DB

♦ Heating range: -13 to +61ºF WB

♦ High Side Shell (HSS) Inverter DC Scroll Compressors in all outdoor units improve system efficiencies; dual inverter compressors in larger models

♦ Vapor Injection maximizes heating capabilities through two-stage compression of refrigerant

♦ Compressor speed range: 15Hz to 150Hz for better partial load operation

♦ High Pressure Oil Return (HiPORTM) features a separate inlet pipe from the oil separator to the compressor, returning oil directly to the compressor--mixing oil and refrigerant is reduced

♦ Smart Oil Control  adds a sensor to the compressor for direct oil level sensing; oil recovery cycle is only initiated when level is too low, eliminates timed oil return cycles

♦ Optimized defrost for your locale: Choose Full Unit and/or Split Coil operation single frame outdoor units

♦ Full System and/or Split Frame Defrost added to heat pump outdoor units

♦ Higher elevation piping distances: indoor unit to indoor unit elevation height differential up to 131 feet maximum

♦ No common pipe necessary in dual and triple heat pump systems allows for easier installation

♦ Compact size footprint where space is a premium

Model ARUN072CTE4
 Individual Component Model Numbers -
Cooling Performance
 Nominal Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)1 72,000
 Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)2 69,000
Heating Performance
 Nominal Heating Capacity (Btu/h)1 81,000
 Rated Heating Capacity (Btu/h)2 77,000
Operating Range
 Cooling (°F DB)3 14 to 122
 Heating (°F WB) -13 to 61
 Inverter Quantity HSS DC Scroll x 1
 Oil/Type PVE/FVC68D
Fan (Top Discharge)
 Type Propeller
 Motor Output x Number (W) 750
 Motor/Drive Brushless Digitally Controlled/Direct
 Cooling Operating Range (RPM) 0 - 850
 Heating Operating Range (RPM) 80 - 850
 Maximum Air Volume (CFM) 7,400
Unit Data
 Refrigerant Type R410A
 Refrigerant Control EEV
 Max. Number Indoor Units/System4 13
 Sound Pressure dB(A)5 58.5
 Net Unit Weight (lbs.) 430
 Shipping Weight (lbs.) 452
 Communication Cables6,7 2 x 18
Heat Exchanger
 Heat Exchanger Coating GoldFin™
 Rows/Fins per inch 3/14 Inch
 Liquid Line Connection (in., OD) 3/8 Braze
 Vapor Line Connection (in., OD) 3/4 Braze
 Factory Charge lbs. of R410A 16.9
1Nominal capacity applied with non-ducted indoor units, and is rated 0 ft. above sea level with 25 ft.
of refrigerant line per indoor unit and a 0 ft. level difference between outdoor and indoor units. All
capacities are net with a Combination Ratio between 95–105%.
Nominal cooling capacity rating obtained with air entering the indoor unit at 80ºF dry bulb (DB) and 67ºF
wet bulb (WB) and outdoor ambient conditions of 95ºF dry bulb (DB) and 75ºF wet bulb (WB).
Nominal heating capacity rating obtained with air entering the indoor unit at 70ºF dry bulb (DB) and
59ºF wet bulb (WB) and outdoor ambient conditions of 47ºF dry bulb (DB) and 43ºF wet bulb (WB).
2Rated capacity is certified under AHRI Standard 1230. See for information.
3Cooling range with Low Ambient Baffle Kit (sold separately) is -9.9°F to +122°F.
4The System Combination Ratio must be between 50–130%.
5Sound pressure levels are tested in an anechoic chamber under ISO Standard 3745.
6All communication cable to be minimum 18 AWG, 2-conductor, stranded, shielded, and must comply
with applicable local and national codes. Ensure the communication cable is properly grounded at the
master unit only. Do not ground the ODU-IDU communication cable at any other point.
7Power wiring cable is field provided and must comply with the applicable local and national codes.
8Refer to the Refrigerant Piping section of this manual for correct line sizing. Contractor must use LG
manufactured Y-Branch and Header Kits only. Designer must verify refrigerant piping design
configuration using LG’s computerized refrigerant piping (LAT S Multi V) software to validate the pipe

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