Indoor Units - Non Ducted
Floor Standing Without Case - GEN 4

Floor Standing Without Case - GEN 4

Power Supply: 208-230V / 60Hz / 1ø

Model No.: ARNU073CEU4

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This floor mounted indoor unit is a good selection when a ceiling mount or wall mount location is not achievable or in a conceiled installation is preferred.

Auto changeover (Heat Recovery only)

Auto operation

Auto restart

Child lock

Dual thermistor control

Group control

E.S.P. control

Hot start

Self diagnostics

Timer (on/off)

Weekly schedule

Fan speed control

Dual setpoint control

Multiple aux heater applications

Filter life and power consumption display

Model ARNU073CEU4
Cooling Mode Performance
 Capacity (Btu/h) 7,500
 Power Input1 W) 85
Heating Mode Performance
 Capacity (Btu/h) 8,500
 Power Input1 W) 85
Unit Data
 Refrigerant Type2 R410A
 Sound Pressure3 B(A) (H/M/L) 35 / 33 / 31
 Net Unit Weight (lbs.) 46.3
 Communication Cable4 No. x AWG) 2 x 18
 Airflow Rate H/M/L (CFM) High Mode (Factory Set) 300 / 265 / 229
 External Static Pressure (in. wg) High Mode (Factory Set) 0
 Power Supply (V/Hz/ø) 208-230 / 60 / 1

Power wiring is field supplied and must comply with the applicable local and national codes.
This data is rated 0 ft above sea level, with 25 ft of refrigerant line per indoor unit and a 0 ft level
difference between outdoor and indoor units. All capacities are net with a combination ratio between
Cooling capacity rating obtained with air entering the indoor coil at 80ºF dry bulb (DB) and 67ºF wet
bulb (WB) and outdoor ambient conditions of 95ºF dry bulb (DB).
Heating capacity rating obtained with air entering the indoor unit at 70ºF dry bulb (DB) and outdoor
ambient conditions of 47ºF dry bulb (DB) and 43ºF wet bulb (WB).

1Power Input is rated at high speed.
2Take appropriate actions at the end of HVAC equipment life to recover, recycle, reclaim or destroy
R410A refrigerant according to applicable regulations (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) under section 608
of CAA.
3Sound Pressure levels are tested in an anechoic chamber under ISO Standard 3745.
4All communication cable to be minimum 18 AWG, 2-conductor, stranded, shielded and must comply
with applicable and national code. Ensure the communication cable is properly grounded at the master
outdoor unit only. Do not ground the ODU-IDU communication cable at any other point.

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