Central Controllers
AC Smart II

LG’s most advanced central controller, the AC Smart II was designed for the LG Multi V system and can be used to enable or disable devices including traditional split systems, rooftop air conditioners, ventilation units, fans, lights, or any other electrical device through the optional Digital Output kit (PQNFP00T0). AC Smart II controls up to 64 devices as standard or up to 128 devices with the optional Expansion Kit (PQCSE440U0). The AC Smart II can be accessed from a remote location via ethernet.

AC Smart II

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 AC Smart II (PQCSW320A1E)

• 7 in. touchscreen LCD

• Stylus pen with storage slot

• Binary system shut down input contacts

• Operation – On/Off • Display - On/Off

• Display backlight - On/Off

• Customize names - zone/group/unit

• Mode select - Auto/Cool/Dehumidification/Heat/Fan Only

• Setpoint control – All/Group/Unit/Device

• Local controller lock function - All/Mode/Temp/Fan

• Grouped local unit controllers– Lock/Unlock

• Adjustable temperature range restriction

• Fan speed – Auto/Low/Med/High/Power1

• Controls up to  

-64 devices  

-128 devices with expansion kit (PQCSE440U0)   

-16 units per group     

- 64 devices per group   

- 64 devices per zone     

-16 outdoor units

1Availability depends on indoor unit model being controlled  


Download Type Category Product Name Model No.
Download Submittals Discontinued AC Smart II PQCSW320A1E
Download Catalogs Indoor Units LG VRF Systems N/A
Download Installation Manuals Discontinued AC Smart II PQCSW320A1E
Download Owners Manuals Discontinued AC Smart II PQCSW320A1E