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4VL and 2VL

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Real air cleaning that delivers real savings.

No degradation of airflow as the media ages.

Up to 100 times the dust holding capacity of typical
MERV-13 filters.

Low air pressure drop throughout the media life.

Inconsequential impact on IDU fan energy consumption.

High Potential to reduce the size and cost of the
DOAS equipment.

Thoroughly Tested and Validated
• Single-Pass Particulate Removal (ASHRAE 52.2-2007 test protocol)
• Multi-Pass Particulate Removal – recirculation to equilibrium (AHAM Test Protocol)
• Gas Phase Contaminant Removal – Measured installation performance.
• Numerous published case studies

Easy to Engineer
• No more ASHRAE 62.2 calculations. Ask for a free AirQ™ report.
• Quick Select Table in the LG engineering manual matches these air cleaner models with the family of LG high static ducted units.
• Ultra Low profile for plenum heights down to 10”
• Choose close coupled to the air unit or mount remotely near the return air opening
• Shared or dedicated return air plenum and grille

Easy to Install
• Install without removing the T-Bar ceiling grid
• Drop-in return air plenum and grill accessory
• Light weight
• Easy plenum to air cleaner connection
• Discharge flange makes duct-work connection a breeze
• Transformer included – 208 to 24 volt control

Less Maintenance
• Media changes – every 4 years instead of every 1-2 months
• Easy media access without removing ceiling tiles through the accessory return air plenum
• No maintenance solid state electronics
• Eliminate the need to clean the return air duct system




External Dimensions

22.0" x 45" x 12.5"

22.0" x 45" x 7.5"

Plenum Area

Standard height (12.5"+)

Standard height (7.5"+)


40 lbs

49 lbs

Case Material

24-guage G90 galvanized steel

Downstream Inlet

1/2" flange

Filter Media Technology

Active field passive polarized (patented)

Filter Media Type

Long-life, non-face-loading throwaway

Upstream inlet

1/2" flange

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